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San Francisco Newsletter
February 2004
Vol. IV No. 2

VALENTINE'S DAY: To Love and Be Loved

Valentine's Day Dining
Opening: Chouchou

The Haute Couture of Chocolate
Top 10 Romantic Foods
• FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Chef Appearances & Tastings
WINE: Reconsidering the Oyster
• TRAVEL: Top 10 Romantic Destinations

• HOTEL SCENE: Post Ranch Inn
• LIFESTYLE: We Caught the Love Bug
• BOOKS: Tom's Big Dinners


Valentine's Day Dining
Dinner à deux? No problem. Consult our select list of fine places to celebrate the perfect Valentine's Day! Remember to reserve early, as tables are going quickly.

Lovers of French bistros need not only worship the restaurants of Pascal Rigo. A very new and very French bistro has opened at the top of Laguna Honda (of all places): Chouchou. More News...

New & Notable Restaurants
The bustling corner restaurant and bar on North Beach’s nightlife row is now home to Jitney’s Bar & Grill and the subterranean Beat Lounge. Here are all the latest hot spots.


Hot 10 San Francisco
"The Best of"

SEARCH: See What's Hot Now

San Francisco
San Jose

Central Coast
Santa Barbara


The Haute Couture of Chocolate
Richart Chocolates: A French chocolate adventure.

Chocolate Central
Read about our favorite chocolate makers.

Top 10 Romantic Foods
Add a boost to your libido: Aphrodisiacs.

Chocolate Specials
Looking for sweets for your sweetheart?



Editorial: Live and Let Love
In the beginning there was an apple, with which Eve tempted Adam. And so it began: The marriage of food and love and the age-old temptation of food. Love and food make great bedfellows, don't you think?

Chefs' Appearances & Culinary Events
Mardi Gras comes to the city via Mecca on February 24. Or, get in on the action during the culminating week of the Napa Valley Mustard Festival March 6-13. See regional and national (and worldwide) culinary happenings for food and wine aficionados.

Wine Tastings & Events
So many fine events this month! Browse all San Francisco and Napa/Sonoma wine tastings, dinners and events.



Reconsidering the Oyster
Oysters have been defined as good for everything from bones and brains, to appetites and sex. And, the wisdom of drinking light, puckery dry white wine with oysters is not so much accepted as assumed—like drinking water from a cup, and eating sashimi with chopsticks...

Wine of the Week: Read our special selections. Wine News: Get the latest news on the wine scene.

Pairing Chocolate with Wines



Top 10 Romantic Destinations
America, You're Beautiful... We have not all of a sudden become more patriotic but are celebrating our country's innate splendor from the Florida Keys to the Olympic Peninsula, Mackinac Island and elsewhere... Here are ten wondrous spots in the U.S. that spell awe and amore.

Cupid's Travels
Nothing like a fabulous trip to create fond memories with a loved one. We have selected several romantic travel specials that are absolutely extravagant and involve diamonds, Benzes, massages and roses.

Online Guide California
All you need to know at a glance.



Post Ranch Inn
Few experiences are more romantic than a cozy, backwoods getaway, but let's be honest: there is such a thing as too rustic. Thankfully, Big Sur's Post Ranch Inn maintains the integrity of the natural landscape without sacrificing style and good taste.

Top 10 Romantic Hotels

There are the obvious choices. And you don't need us to tell you which they are. Instead, we have selected the road less traveled, from rustic seclusion at Lake Placid to bucolic bliss at Blackberry Farm. Here are the ten most romantic hotels in the U.S.

Hotel Search
Find the perfect lodgings in San Francisco, Napa/Sonoma and many other locations up and down the coast.

Discount Travel Booking
Gayot.com now offers readers the ability to book travel at low discounted rates. Whether you need to make a hotel reservation, book a flight or rent a car, we help you find the best rates. Click here to start.



We Caught The Love Bug
With its voluptuous round shape the New Beetle Convertible is sexier than ever before. In fact, we have decided that it is the most romantic car of 2004. Disagree? What other car comes with an integrated flower vase?

Top 10 Romantic Gifts

What makes a gift romantic? That's what we were wondering, too. Sometimes the most obvious choices are also the best. Why not give timeless, proven classics that work? Here's our red-hot wish list!



Tom's Big Dinners
Bigger sometimes really is better. Tom's Big Dinners is an easy excuse (or incentive!) to eat big and often with plenty of friends and family around the table.

In the romance department, check out:

Table for Two: French Recipes for Romantic Dining
Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook


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