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Love Delivery

Spread the LOVE! That is, Los Angeles Organic Vegetable Express, an LA-based business that delivers fresh organic fruits and vegetables right to your (home or office) door. While the service may sound pricey—boxes range from $25 to $50, depending on the number of servings—factor in the time and effort saved to find the pristine, vitamin-packed produce LOVE brings to your doorstep. You’ll feel the love after you talk to the helpful staff, who will assemble each box to meet your individual requests, and make sure that the produce you receive is the cheapest, freshest and healthiest available. The company dedicates itself to building a healthier, sustainable community by supporting organic farming and donating 5-10 percent of food or money profits to local charities and organizations. They’ll even deliver Evert-Fresh green produce bags to keep your produce fresh three to ten times longer, saving you from dead veggies in the fridge and reducing vitamin loss by 50%. Put any unused produce back in your LOVE box and they’ll pick it up at the next delivery to donate it to someone less fortunate. Look for LOVE deliveries of fresh flowers and organic coffee and tea, soon to be joined by non-perishables, groceries, paper items and gourmet goods. For more information call 310-821-LOVE or visit www.lovedelivery.com.

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