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Of Connoisseurs and Cowboys
CONTENTS: Best Steakhouses, Wine Bars, Wild West Ranches and More

Keens Steakhouse in New York
Keens Steakhouse in New York

Best Steakhouses

Washington, D.C.
Chicago and more

Top 10 Bakeries / N.Y.C.'s Best Outdoor Dining
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New & Notable: Fry Me a River
Fans of all things crispy should check out BarFry, a new West Village eatery which lives up to its Bukowski-esque name. Patrons can sample fried pumpkin, fried eggplant, fried crab cakes and a host of other similarly-prepared dishes, while those who suffer from "fear of frying" should stick to the miso soup.
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Restaurant News: Kitchen Stadium Rookies
Eight chefs will compete in the Food Network's "The Next Iron Chef," a reality show that will name a new resident champion for "Iron Chef." Tune in to the first episode on Sunday, October 7, to root for contestants including Aarón Sánchez (executive chef and owner of Centrico and Paladar in New York).
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Events: Paradise Prix Fixe
Until the end of September, patrons at Roy's can celebrate the culinary riches of a Hawaiian summer, known as Kau Wela, with a $35 three-course meal. Dishes may include cracked black peppercorn-crusted salmon steak with a caramelized Maui onion-pale ale sauce or a melting hot chocolate soufflé served à la mode.
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The 2007 Restaurant Issue

Since our 2006 issue was published, a lot has changed in the restaurant scene. Which of last year's Top 40 Restaurants in the U.S. have closed? To keep up with the current culinary culture, sign up for our 2007 issue.

Restaurant Feature: Klee Brasserie
Reminiscent of an Alpine ski resort eatery, Klee Brasserie features hearty fare from chef/owner Daniel Angerer. John Mariani dishes on Angerer's restaurant design and cooking, which is characterized by substitutions that keep the food lighter than traditional Austrian cuisine.
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Klee Brasserie

A juicy steak from The Buffalo Guys BRING THE RANGE INTO YOUR HOME
The Buffalo Guys

Thanks to Wyoming ranchers Peter Thieriot and Ken Klemm, New Yorkers can enjoy buffalo meat delivered right to their doors. Try buffalo burger patties, filet mignon and strip steaks made from this healthy meat.
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Best Pizza in New York
Sure, we're the experts. But we want to hear from you, our faithful readers, about your favorite places for pizza in N.Y. Check out our top 10 list, visit our forum and let us know your thoughts.

Best Pizza in New York


The Bedell Winery near The Greenporter Hotel & Spa
A view of Toronto
New York Comedy Festival

Go Where the Grapes Grow
Wine Country Inns in the U.S. and Worldwide
Enjoy the fruits of the land at cozy B&Bs and luxury lodges

For Cowboys at Heart
Top 10 Wild West Ranches in the U.S. and Worldwide
Cattle drives, horseback riding, fishing and campfires
More Top 10 Hotel Lists / Hotel Features

Style and Smiles
72 Hours in Toronto
Canada's largest city has taken on a cultural edge
72-Hour Vacations / Business Guides / Travel Specials

New York Events
New York Comedy Festival
Comedy's biggest names will ham it up for this annual fest
The Best of New York / New York Travel Guide

Travel Special
Get Cooking in Tuscany
Learn secrets of Tuscan cooking and relax at a spa
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Car of the Month
2008 Audi TT Coupe
A stylish, evolved sports car with an outstanding design

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The Magnificent Ten
Top 10 Westerns
The good, the better and the best of all time

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Smile Like You Mean It
Benefit's California Kissin' Lip Gloss
This blue-tinted gloss will brighten your pearly whites

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Cleopatra's Favorite Fruit
Fabulous Figs
These fertility symbols contain fiber, potassium and calcium
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2008 Audi TT Coupe
John Wayne in "The Searchers"

Eric Kayser's Sweet and Savory Tarts
The River Cottage Meat Book

Pastries for all Occasions
Eric Kayser's Sweet and Savory Tarts
The owner of Bread Bar dishes on these versatile pastries

The Perfect Combination
Michael Mina: The Cookbook

The culinary Einstein presents his theory of tasty trios

The Right Cuts
The River Cottage Meat Book
A guide to buying, cooking and

Cookbooks / Travel Books / Wine Books

Sip and be Seen
Top 10 Wine Bars in New York
Where to go to get a glass of the good stuff

Comprehensive Corks
Top 10 Wine Lists in New York
These restaurants have the biggest and the best

Top Wine Shops in New York City / North Jersey
Wine of the Week / New Releases / Top 10 Spirits

'ino in New York
Le Bernardin in New York

Quarterly Wine Newsletter
Sign up now for our Fall 2007 Wine Newsletter, to be published this month, which will feature Top 10 lists, books, gadgets, wine news, features, pairings and more. For a look at the current edition, check out our Summer 2007 Wine Newsletter.

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Harney & Sons Organic Bangkok Iced Tea

A Taste of the East
Harney & Sons Organic Bangkok Iced Tea
This iced green tea features flavors of coconut and ginger

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