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Find out where to enjoy lobster and other great seafood near you

Fall is definitely for feasting, but we also like to get ourselves ready for the winter season by exploring healthy new foods like noni, boosting our immunity with foods rich in vitamin D and C, trying out new recipes such as oolong-brined turkey and, of course, eating at cool new restaurants. Enjoy!


It's fiesta time — as far as chef Rick Bayless is concerned. The owner of Frontera Grill and Topolobampo in Chicago has published a new cookbook titled Fiesta at Rick's: Fabulous Food for Great Times with Friends. If you're a fan of Mexican food, planning to host a party or simply looking to create a fresh menu for a family dinner, Fiesta at Rick's is a must-read.


As tea lovers, we are also excited about Culinary Tea. Besides traditional dishes such as Chinese tea-marbled eggs, the new book showcases innovative takes on familiar foods like tea-rubbed short ribs and Darjeeling-roasted sweet potatoes. Check out our sample recipe for oolong-brined turkey! And while the hot season is over, people who love iced tea drink it all year-round. We delve into the southern tradition of sweet tea via Leroy Hill Iced Tea — in the words of Dolly Parton: "It's the house wine of the South."


Drinking tea will boost your antioxidant levels, but so will noni, a new "super fruit" that has won over celebrity fans from Marc Jacobs to Meg Ryan. This fruit, which flourishes in Hawaii and other Polynesian climes and has been used for centuries by traditional healers, is said to fight cancer, boost the immune system and aid in the absorption of endorphins. A fruit that makes you feel happier? Now that's our kind of food. With the flu season approaching fast, we've also taken a look at other natural means to keep up our defenses. Our list of top 10 immune system boosters covers a range of naturopathic remedies, from olive leaf to astragalus and vitamin D.

Find out where to eat sea urchins Noni is a new super fruit chock-full of health benefits


Eating fatty fish rich in omega-3s will also keep the sniffles at bay. We have reeled in the best restaurants for seafood near you as well as the top 10 seafood restaurants in the country. In addition, we'll let you know where to enjoy abalone and sea urchins, which seafood is sustainable (Pacific cod and halibut) and which fish is at risk of extinction (swordfish and Chilean seabass). Read our article on safe seafood to learn more.


In the world of haute cuisine (in this case, elevated Swedish fare), we took a close look at Aquavit in New York City. Marcus Samuelsson may no longer be running the show, but this is not to the chic eatery's detriment. Young chef Marcus Jernmark has simplified the cuisine while making it entirely his. Look out for the crayfish festival and holiday specials at one of the top restaurants in the city in any category. On the other side of the coast, foodies can rub shoulders with top chefs and winemakers at the seventh annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival November 17-21. Enter the code GAYOT10 when purchasing tickets online at www.worldofwineevents.com and receive 10% off.
Be sure to take in our calendar of local food and wine events around the nation.

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