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TASSIMO Suprema Hot Beverage System by Bosch - Review

Multiple Beverages, Minimal Time Commitment

TASSIMO Suprema Hot Beverage Machine by Bosch

Caffeine lovers who are short on time will be partial to this inventive appliance capable of dispensing a range of drinks, each at the push of a button. The product leaves the realm of traditional coffee making by dispensing with loose grinds and filters in favor of T-Discs, specialized packets that house the necessary ingredients for a single serving of a chosen drink and are available in familiar brands like Starbucks® and Seattle’s Best®. Each disc contains a pre-measured amount of ground coffee, tea or no-refrigerator-required milk that upgrades plain espresso to foamy latte, and each tells the apparatus how much water to add using its individual barcode.

The system’s compact size takes up little counter space and, with no soggy grinds or filters left over, clean up is painless. Depending on the preferred brand, roughly $10 buys a package of 8-12 servings of a beverage that can be conveniently delivered to a home address or purchased at select retailers including Target and Bloomingdales.

With a brewing time totaling about sixty seconds per disc, we found the device quick and easy to use and we liked the simplicity of using the milk-filled discs to top off our cappuccinos without having to contend with any additional attachments. Though some of us found the system’s standard coffee slightly weak, the TASSIMO is capable of customizing the strength of each beverage to taste.

Price: $147

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(Updated 08/31/10 CT)

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