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Curtis Stone's Kitchen Solutions

Unique Culinary Help From a Celebrity Chef

by Sophie Gayot

Curtis Stone's "Juicy" Carving Board

Whether you're cooking for your annual holiday party or just preparing a simple dinner for two, things could go sour (pun very much intended) without the proper equipment.

Curtis Stone is not only a celebrity chef (of TLC's Take Home Chef) but also a practical man in the kitchen. After spending some 20 years cooking in many different countries and under various circumstances, he has developed a line of cooking utensils, Kitchen Solutions, that will really help cooks save time and be more relaxed while preparing a meal. Divided into four categories—"Chop," "Prep," "Serve" and "Bake"—all the products have a stylish and modern look. Either in stainless steel, white porcelain, bamboo, or glass, they will definitely become kitchen conversation pieces.

Carve the holiday ham or turkey using the "Juicy Carving Board," which is well-equipped with a removable stainless steel channel to catch juices that can later be used as a sauce. There's also the multi-usage "Flipper Cutting Board," which, along with the cutting board, is made from eco-sustainable bamboo that won't dull your blades after you've sliced and diced your ingredients. Other items include the "Keep It Clean Spoon Rest" and the "Go With The Flow Oil Can," which is fitted with an elongated spout for controlled pouring.

These products can be purchased at Williams-Sonoma retail locations nationwide or at www.curtisstone.com

Sophie Gayot's Interview with chef Curtis Stone
Sophie Gayot cooking with chef Curtis Stone
 Curtis Stone is also the author of Cooking with Curtis and Relaxed Cooking
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