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Tasteful Treats
The Graceful Cookie

The Graceful Cookie's Meyer lemon The Graceful Cookie's Ginger Snaps

If you or anyone you know bakes, you’ve surely heard either an elated eater or the chef herself exclaim, “These are better than the store bought kind! I bet we could sell them.” Most confections, however, don’t make it beyond the home hearth. The exception to this rule: La Graziosa Bakery’s The Graceful Cookie line, which has made an elegant transition from a single family biscotti recipe to seventeen varieties of treats available at gourmet food shops throughout Northern California. The company has recently taken another graceful step: the cookies and biscotti are now available online, and can be shipped across the country.

La Graziosa allows you to mix and match from eleven cookie flavors, like raspberry almond thumbprint and mint chocolate chip, and six biscotti flavors, including orange-cranberry-pistachio and anise. They also offer pre-selected assortments, like the Red Carpet Cookie Box, which recently garnered some star-power when it was featured at Warner Brothers’ Academy Awards pre-party. Oscar-worthy sweets include the gorgeously chewy ginger snap, the marvelous Meyer lemon and the decadent peanut butter zebra. We only wish more of Hollywood’s biggest names (and skinniest bods) could experience the beautiful bounty of this box.

Price: Red Carpet Cookie Box, $39; 12 large cookies or 36 small cookies, $28; 20 large biscotti or 36 small biscotti, $32

For more information, visit www.thegracefulcookie.com

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