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Saltistry Artisan Salt Sampler

Salt of the Earth

An artisan salt sampler by Saltistry, a boutique gourmet food company based in Los Angeles. Flavors include herb grey and six pepper.
Saltistry's Robust Salt Sampler

This salt bears little resemblance to what you’ll find in the shaker. Harvested from oceans, lakes and mineral deposits from around the world, these grains come in a host of various shapes and textures: some are flaky and delicate, while others are thick, grainy, and peppered with herbs, spices, fruits or flowers. More exotic flavors are colored—Salish smoked is deep brown, Genmaicha is reddish-pink and Apricot is, well, apricot. Saltistry founders Denise Daclan and Joni Fay Hill have infused some of nature's finest salts with a host of natural flavors. (The latter was the Executive Chef at the Balboa Steakhouse, now called BOA Steakhouse, in Los Angeles.)

More than twenty different raw and artisan variations are available, and can be purchased individually or in five-flavor infusion sets. Use them in seasonings, marinades, or sprinkle generously over vegetables and fruit to taste their full flavor. Those new to using gourmet salts should start with the Classic Sampler, a collection that will compliment seafood, salads, roasts and pasta. More experienced chefs will appreciate Saltistry’s line of rare and prized salts, including Fennel Pollen and Black Truffle. The salt comes in a handy plastic container that’s easy to snap open when cooking or serving.end

Price: Saltistry Artisan Salt set with five different varieties, $18; individual jars, $12-$25

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