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Moby's "teany" Teas
Nice Teas from a Nice Guy

teany in New York City

Take one multi-platinum selling musician named after Herman Melville’s famous whale, and a former White House press writer and Human Rights Watch worker. Add in a few seriously bad hangovers and what do you get? Why, a vegetarian (and vegan-friendly) teahouse in New York City, of course!

Teany was opened in 2002 by Moby, one of the music world's most interesting characters, and his ex-girlfriend Kelly Tisdale, after drink-induced headaches had both of them wishing for some relief. Turns out, both had the same idea of what that relief would be—organic tea served at a comfy local teahouse. And thus teany came into being.

Moby and Kelly Tisdale
Moby and Kelly

Serving organic teas and vegetarian sandwiches, salads, pastas and desserts, the small teahouse quickly became one of New York’s hipster hot spots. Trouble was, that’s exactly what New York City is during the summer—hot. So, the decision was made to serve iced teas as well, such as the Vanilla Berry Hibiscus, Green Tea With Ginseng and Herbal Citrus Cooler.

The organically cool quenchers were such a hit that the natural next step was putting the teas in bottles, with eight flavors available at teashops and markets in New York and select restaurants and shops throughout the country.

The collection of bottled teas by teany
Organically cool quenchers

With the motto “100% natural, 100% nice” printed on every bottle, these latest additions to teany’s beverage menu are much like Moby’s songs—you either love them, or you hate them. While the Peach Berry Green Tea and White Tea With Pomegranate are refreshingly dulcet, the Iced Tea With Lemon and Energy Tea are almost unbearably sweet. But they are all natural and organic, and make you look cool and in-the-know because you’re drinking Moby’s tea.

The biggest appeal of the bottled beverages is that they come from a mellow, nice-guy celebrity and his bubbly blonde friend. They even have the cute Little Idiot cartoon drawn by Moby on the inside of the caps—just in case you needed another reason to think, "Awe, how sweet is he!"

Where to Buy Teany Teas:

In New York:

Alice + Olivia
Amish Market of 45th Street
Dean and Deluca Kip's Bay
Garden of Eden
Gourmet Garage
Two Boots to Go
W Hotel
Whole Foods Markets

Or by visiting www.teany.com
Retail price: $2

Also found in select stores throughout the United States.

teany book by Moby and Kelly Tisdale

teany book
Moby's teany book, written with Kelly Tisdale, is somewhere between a cookbook and a memoir. Promising "stories, food, romance, cartoons, and, of course, tea," it is cute, funny, entertaining and informative.

Text by Veronica Marian

(Updated 04/17/08 ES)

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