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Go Green Yogurt
Sweet Treats from sno:la in Beverly Hills

sno:la's frozen yogurt in cup and a verrine
sno:la's frozen yogurt comes in cups and verrines

We’ve seen a huge trend in going green recently—every facet of consumer society from automobiles to hotels is jumping on this eco-friendly bandwagon, promoting sustainable, organic, recycled products and services. The food industry is no stranger to these green practices, and new earth-friendly cafés and stores are popping up every day. One of these fresh faces is sno:la, an all-natural frozen yogurt company based in Beverly Hills, California.

sno:la's interior
sno:la's interior

The store is a "no-plastic zone" and serves yogurt in biodegradable containers made from sugar cane and corn. Even the spoons are sustainable, made from potatoes and wood. The store’s interior is fashioned from recycled and non-toxic materials: countertops are composed of recycled computer chips, and the concrete is soy-stained. In addition to its current green practices, sno:la also plans to go solar.

While the store itself strives to be earth-friendly, the company’s yogurt is designed to be body-friendly. The frozen treat contains 23-36 calories per ounce (a small is 5 ounces) and is made with organic non-fat dairy and sweetened with fruit juices and purees, making it sugar-free. Six seasonal flavors are offered, like the decadent-tasting Chocolate "Cremita," Fig/Date, Dulce de Leche, Pomegranate and Sour Cherry. Top your healthy yogurt with some of the 40 toppings available, from fresh fruit and granola to unique picks like sour cherry sauce and hazelnut streusel. The store offers both a cup of yogurt and a "verrine," a parfait-like concoction that layers yogurt with toppings. In addition to their current Los Angeles location, sno:la plans on expanding to Malibu, Tokyo and Paris.

Prices: A small gourmet flavor is $3.75; small fusion (twist) is $4; verrine is $8; and each topping is $1.

For more information, visit www.snolayogurt.com

(Updated: 06/11/08 LH)

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