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New York, New Year, New You

Nu-Kitchen delivers healthy meals to busy people

Don’t have time to cook? Want to adopt a healthier lifestyle? New Yorkers can enjoy fuss-free, good-for-you meals thanks to Nu-Kitchen. This revolutionary meal delivery company prepares fresh meals tailored to your tastes and health requirements, and brings them to your door, ready to heat and eat on the days that you need them.

Hainese Chicken, one of the sample lunches from Nu-Kitchen

Nu-Kitchen’s website provides everything you need to plan what’s going to be on your table each week. New menus are available online on a weekly basis, and items can be added or removed from your list up until the day before delivery. The day before your order is delivered, your meals are prepared just from scratch from whole foods and all-natural ingredients. Each meal is tailored to your nutritional needs, packaged individually in a reheatable container and brought to your door first thing in the morning. Currently, breakfasts cost $8.95 each, lunch is $11.95, dinner is $13.95 and snacks are $3.50.

You won’t find any bland nutrition shakes or meal-replacement bars here. Some of the fun dishes you’ll find on Nu-Kitchen’s menus may include Eggs Santa Fe with Turkey Bacon and Fresh Fruit for breakfast; Orange-Chile Tilapia with Black Forbidden Rice & Sauteed Tri-Color Peppers for lunch; Chicken Kebabs with Mint for dinner, and Balsamic Strawberries with Mascarpone for a snack. What a yummy and easy way to stay healthy!

Nu-Kitchen delivers to most parts of the New York City metro area. For more information on Nu-Kitchen, please visit www.nu-kitchen.com.


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