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Green on the Go
The Green Truck Caters to Mother Nature and Your Palate
by Rachel Levin

The Green Truck
Hungry for a healthy lunch on the go?  Check out this mouthful: "sustainable, local, organic, veggie-powered, solar-powered cuisine." That’s the motto of the Green Truck, a small fleet of eco-conscious cafes-on-wheels that have been traversing Los Angeles neighborhoods for the past nine months. The concept is bumper-to-bumper love for the planet. At the company’s solar-powered Culver City commissary, the freshest organic meats and pesticide-free produce are prepped and then loaded for their daily voyage. Any clean energy not used in preparation is added to the city’s power supply. The trucks themselves run on recycled vegetable oil, ensuring zero emissions and sparing the city’s drainage systems. Even the packaging and servingware on the truck spare the environment; all containers, bags, napkins, and utensils are made from biodegradable products. Taken together, these measures make for a zero carb(on) diet.

It doesn’t hurt that the food is delicious, too. The menu, created by former A.O.C. cook Beth Creasey, satisfies vegans and carnivores alike. You can opt for a grass-fed beef burger or The Mother Trucker, a vegan burger with avocado, tomato, sprouts, and tempeh bacon. Menu choices vary depending on whether the truck is parked for full-service lunch or at a festival or catered event. You might find an ahi salad, tuna wrap, or harvest salad showcasing the best of the season. But no matter what’s available on a given day, "there are no exceptions to the organic rule," down to the drinks like freshly squeezed Moroccan mint lemonade or hibiscus tea sweetened with raw agave nectar, says owner Mitchell Collier. Collier plans to expand to a fleet of 20 trucks each in Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara. The new trucks might run on batteries rather than veggie oil; Collier’s open to any clean energy sources out there. "It’s about the integrity of the planet, period," he says. "By any means necessary."

An example of the menu includes a make-your-own salad for $10, a burger for $8, a combo special for $11, or two veggie dogs for $8. The daily truck schedule is available on their website, or you can see the truck locations at any given time using their website’s handy GPS tracking system.

For more information, call the kitchen at 310-204-0477; catering at 310-204-0577; or fax orders to 310-204-0377.  Call the kitchen for delivery from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday-Friday (delivery charges may apply). You can also contact them online at www.greentruckonthego.com.


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