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Flavia Fusion Drink Station

Java on the Run

Flavia Fusion Drink Station

Sometimes running down the street to the local coffee shop to get a tasty coffee drink or fresh hot tea takes too much time in the morning. How about trying the Flavia Fusion Drink Station instead? With more than twenty years of experience in the commercial world, Flavia now brings its drink station home. Just pop in a single-serving filter pack of your choice, press a button and within seconds you have a steaming cup o' joe (or tea!). An activated charcoal water filter guarantees fresh water, and because each brew runs directly from pack to cup, there is never any tainting of flavors by previous brews.

Thirty flavors include Italian Roast, French Vanilla and sweeter varieties such as Chai Latte and Milky Way Swirl. The teas include standard varieties like Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Green Tea along with herbal blends like Lemon Calm. Syrups and sprinkles make the experience like your own personal coffeehouse. Decaf varieties are also available.

Flavia Breakfast Blend Coffee

The Italian Roast has a dark, rich flavor that isn't bitter, and the Lemon Calm tea with its hints of apple counterbalances the astringency of the lemon. Anyone with a really sweet tooth may fall for the Milky Way Swirl—but Flavia definitely isn't for the coffee purist.

At 13 inches high, 9 inches wide, 14 inches deep and only 8 pounds, this little device works even in the tiniest of kitchens. Bottom line: those who thrive on convenience and don't consider themselves coffee snobs will enjoy this gadget.

Available in red, black and ice blue at www.myflavia.com
Retail Price: $100

(Updated: 06/10/09 KR)

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