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Mini Seedless Watermelons

Tasting Dulcinea Farms' Flavorful Offerings

PureHeart Mini Seedless Watermelon

We’ve seen burgers downsized to sliders and soup served in shot glasses. And now,  the trend toward all things mini has fallen, literally, to the fruits of our earth, as in the case of Dulcinea’s PureHeart Mini Seedless Watermelons.  The scaled-down melons offer added convenience and handling, so that consumers don’t have to lug the traditionally bulky fruit home or deal with the mess of cutting it. And, more importantly, there is a greater proportion of fruit to rind, which translates to more of that sweet, juicy flavor.

Intent on delivering quality over quantity, Dulcinea Farms produces just two other types of fruits in addition to the watermelon—the Extra Sweet Tuscan Style Cantaloupe and the Rosso Bruno Tomato. The limited production ensures that each product picked from their farms fulfills consumers’ needs in terms of freshness, taste and nutrition.

Like the watermelon, both of these fruits boast their own sets of one-of-a-kind properties that distinguish them from their competition. The cantaloupe offers color-changing exterior groves that enable consumers to detect when a melon has reached its prime. Meanwhile, the tomatoes, which come in a unique deep brownish-red shade, offer consistent heirloom-style flavor, due to the fact that they are greenhouse-grown.

Dulcinea Farms takes an innovative approach to their fruits of labor, ensuring year-round produce by developing in the San Joaquin Valley, California; Yuma, Arizona; and various regions of Central America.

For more information, visit www.dulcina.com

Dulcinea Extra Sweet Tuscan Style Cantaloupe Dulcinea Rosso Bruno Tomatoes


PureHeart Watermelon Avocado Tower with Dry White Riesling

(recipe courtesy of Dulcinea Farms)

1 Dulcinea PureHeart Seedless Watermelon, diced into small squares
½ cup red onions, finely chopped
1 cup diced jicama
2 semi-avocados, diced into small squares
1 cup fresh micro-greens
¼ cup dry roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

For the vinaigrette, whisk olive oil with the red wine vinegar. One at a time, add the cilantro and jalapeños. Finish with salt and pepper. Next, mix together two-thirds of the vinaigrette with Dulcinea PureHeart Seedless Watermelon and red onions, and allow to refrigerate for one half hour. For the tower, start with watermelon, followed by jicama, and avocados. Finish with sprigs of micro greens and a sprinkling of pepitos. Lightly drizzle vinaigrette over tower.

Makes four servings.

(Updated: 09/28/09 SG)

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