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Bariani Olive Oil

Green Gold

The medical world started endorsing olive oil as an HDL-cholesterol–lowering mono-saturated fat (similar to canola oil extracted from the rapeseed plant). Not only do studies show that it lowers hypertension and fights certain types of cancers, but it also reduces bad cholesterol and its vegetable mucilage aids in digestion and stomach disorders (including flatulence, heartburn, and constipation). Olive oil also contains vitamin E, an antioxidant which combats free radicals that damage body cells and tissues.

Raymond Francis had this to say about olive oil in Beyond Health News:

"Olive oil is almost unique among oils in that it can be consumed in the crude form without refining. This has the effect of conserving all its vitamins, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients. Because it contains all these nutrients, including powerful antioxidants, real extra virgin olive oil is beneficial to health and protects us from damage by free radical oxidation. Cell membranes contain fatty acids that are highly susceptible to free radical damage. This damage produces lipid peroxides that can kill the cell. Real olive oil contains polyphenols, vitamin E, and other natural antioxidants that prevent this damage. Numerous studies show that olive oil reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, inhibits platelet aggregation, and lowers the incidence of breast cancer. Because it is so rich in antioxidants, olive oil appears to dramatically reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, thereby preventing heart disease. These same antioxidants also add to the stability, shelf life, and flavor of the oil." ©1998, Beyond Health

Paolo Toniolo of New York University Medical Center says in Nutrition Action Healthletter "Southern Italy and Greece have a lower risk of breast cancer than other parts of Europe."


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Today sales break down to 10% in restaurants, 30% through retail, and 60% direct. From Sacramento to SoHo, Bariani "oilophiles" order by the case. About 10% is exported to Japan but it is a slightly different kind which they refer to as "green," some is exported to Germany and yes, la mama uses it in Italy.

Since the production is guaranteed sold from year to year due to an increasing demand, the Barianis are now faced with the reality of capitalism. Forced to expand, their greatest challenge is to preserve quality. There is no doubt that the Barianis have found green gold. Other projects in their scope are vinegar production and planting some grapes. They have also tinkered with cured olives. Then again, for their next enterprise they could pour some in tiny flasks and make a necklace pendant or a brooch. Plans for Enrico and Sebastian? Go-Cart racing.

Suggested retail price for the oil is $4.25/250 ml, $8.00/500 ml, and $15/liter.

Mail order: Bariani Olive Oil
9460 Bar Du Lane
Sacramento CA 95829
  Bariani Olive Oil
301 Eleventh Street 3A
San Francisco, CA 94103
fax: 415-864-1908

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(Updated: 01/22/10 CT)

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