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A Vineyard Garden

Ideas from the Earth for Growing, Cooking and Entertaining
By Molly Chappellet

A Vineyard Garden: Ideas from the Earth for Growing, Cooking and Entertaining



Molly Chappellet's A Vineyard Garden is a magnificent look at life on the vineyard sprinkled with recipes for entertaining, gardening, child rearing and cooking.

It is too rich to quickly brush through requiring leisure, getting cozy and curling up in your favorite armchair. It is like daydreaming of beauty and sunshine, an " invitation to the art of living well and simply." And how does she suggest one go about it? Oh, ever so simply, by decorating the house with what nature has to offer, which could mean underwater sculptures of turnips, lining up pumpkins on the kitchen counter, decorating the front door with artichoke blossoms or Casablanca lilies and onions, placing magnolia blossoms in the bathtub or pool, creating your potpourri… 250-full-color photographs explore the palette of Chappellet's Vineyard garden and there are recipes for goodies such as wild blackberry sandwiches or Donn's version of Dinah Shore's biscuits, pumpkin soufflés', artichoke salad and purple turnip soup. Molly has entertained such luminaries as James Beard, Roger Vargé and Dinah Shore, but after browsing through this book it becomes clear that you do not need an occasion to create a visual feast. Do it for yourself, for your family and close friends, and to paraphrase Emerson (who's quoted in the book) the world will laugh in flowers.

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A Vineyard Garden: Ideas from the Earth for Growing, Cooking and Entertaining by Molly Chappellet

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