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Spectacular Cakes

Special Occasion Cakes for Any Celebration
By Mich Turner
Photography by Janine Hosegood

Spectacular Cakes: Special Occasion Cakes for Any Celebration



Besides standard art forms such as painting and sculpture, there is another type that is perhaps not readily considered: cake making. Using unconventional media like marzipan, chocolate “plastic” and edible flowers, Mich Turner captures the artistry of the sweet treat in the book Spectacular Cakes. Turner, founder of the Little Venice Cake Company in London, explains in layman’s terms how to make a multitude of cakes such as the fudgey chocolate truffle torte and the spicy carrot cake moistened with tangy citrus syrup. The recipes are accompanied by appetizing photographs taken by Janine Hosegood showing details such as how to carefully shape a sugar rosebud or pipe a frosting butterfly. The photos and care of details make this as much an art book as an instructional book. Turner covers the basics of cake making techniques by sharing a variety of cake flavors and icing styles as well as showing how to work with the sometimes tricky marzipan and fondant. And if you’re courageous, she even shows you how to stack tiers using pillars and wooden dowels. She then moves into a variety of cake designs from the most elegant of wedding cakes with edible lace to the more rustic, free-form meringue pavlova cakes. The mouth salivates while flipping through the glossy, color pages featuring cake after cake such as one with hand-painted orchids or small, moist cake bites drizzled in chocolate. And the measurements are even described in cups for Americans. Use this book to try something unique for a family member’s birthday or if you’re a caterer looking for new ideas. For a novice or professional, this book features unique designs, straight-forward hints and inspiration.

Reviewed by Barbara Bowman

(Published: 11/18/05)

(Updated: 12/30/08 SB)

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