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Live, Love, Eat!

The Best of Wolfgang Puck

by Wolfgang Puck

"Live, Love, Eat" by Wolfgang Puck

In these days of zero-carb and zone diets, with Hollywood infected by the "incredible shrinking actress syndrome" and the rest of the country struggling to keep the scale from tipping, it is refreshing to hear a statement as simple as "Live, Love, Eat." It is the title of Wolfgang Puck's most recent book and his motto ever since he started cooking professionally at a tender age.

"These three simple words sum up my belief that a well-rounded, happy life full of achievement is one that you live with passion, whether you're pursuing romance or raising a family or cooking food and sharing it with friends," he writes. It's as simple as that and you find the same simplicity and enthusiasm in all of the 125 favorite recipes shared in the book. You are invited to use your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and fingers and recreate his perfect California-style, thin crust pizzas topped with spicy chicken or caviar; his Chinois chicken salad; appetizers like tapenade, bruschetta and crab cakes; his mother's vegetable soup that gets a special twist with Pistou, a puree of tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil; warm chocolate cupcakes with soft molten centers; Salzburger Nockerln; and the Classic Spago Cheesecake. The book is clean, simple and easy-to-follow, and the only thing we could wish for is a calorie chart. But, then again, that would defeat the purpose of the motto, wouldn't it?

(Updated: 12/18/08 SB)

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