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The Last-Minute Party Girl

By Erika Lenkert
(McGraw-Hill Books; 2003)

The Last-Minute Party Girl

Every party girl or guy loves a good get-together, but the thought of throwing a memorable celebration can make even the biggest party animal shy away in fright. Until now. Erika Lenkert shares her secrets to being a gracious hostess and pulling-off a fantastic party at the drop of a hat.

The Last-Minute Party Girl gives readers a crash-course in everything from perfect invitations to looking hot to must-have party equipment and easy party menus. Lenkert offers a list of CDs, organized by occasion, that are timeless assets for the perfect party. From breakfast to luncheon, cocktail parties to chillin’, dinner to romantic, seductive, holiday and dance, she’s got suggestions for any occasion. She even covers proper party conversation, reminding readers to stray away from discussions about dogs, cats, children and politics, offering instead some juicy suggestions that have come up around her own dinner table.

Each chapter is introduced with a hilarious anecdote about parties of years past. A collection of recipes from appetizers for the masses to elegant entrees by world-class chefs are easily doable, and her decorating tips allow even the busiest party girl to do it with style. Informative and fun to read, The Last-Minute Party Girl leaves us with just one question: party at our place?

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