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by Lyndsay and Patrick Mikanowski


If there were such as thing as the “perfect food,” the egg is most likely it. Its simplicity is such that we need not slaughter it or harvest it. Its versatility is such that it can be savory or sweet. And its taste is such that it needs little more than a pinch of salt.

Egg, so simply named by authors Lyndsay and Patrick Mikanowski, is just that—a colorful ode to the egg, with a compilation of recipes from 40 top toques such as Thomas Keller, Ferran Adrià and Alain Passard. Dishes such as Passard’s Eggs Sunny Side Inside or Eric Ripert’s Quail’s Egg Carbonara Nest offer contemporary takes on traditional egg dishes, while creations such as the Caviar “Egg Roll” by Wylie Dufresne or the Hen’s Egg “Guy Legay” by Yves Camdeborde push the boundaries of culinary innovation.

Photographer Grant Symon lends his artistic vision to this beautiful book, contrasting vibrant food photography with striking monochromatic portraits of the featured chefs. While you won’t find any recipes on simple omelettes or huevos rancheros here, there is a section on basic dishes such as scrambled eggs and soufflés. With tips on storage and cooking, as well as a foreword on the egg’s history and folklore, Egg is more than just a book or an ingredient—it is an art.

Scrambled Eggs

Serves 5

10 eggs, slightly beaten
½ c butter
½ c cream (warmed in microwave)
salt and pepper to taste

Using a bain-marie or double boiler over low but direct heat, melt a small amount of the butter. Once it has melted, add the eggs and stir continuously. As soon as the mixture begins to thicken (about 30 minutes), remove from the heat and incorporate the rest of the butter in small pieces, the warm cream and the salt and pepper. Serve at once on warmed plates.

Reviewed by Nancy Huang

(Updated: 11/11/08 SB)

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