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Rita's Culinary Trickery

How to Get Dinner on the Table Even If You Can't Cook

by Rita Konig

Rita's Culinary Trickery



What’s a modern girl to do with another little pink book? If you’re the kind of person to eye these sassy-looking efforts littering the promo tables of big-chain bookstores with disdain, stop, relax and take a deep breath. You’re not the target audience, my high-brow friend. You’re not supposed to pick up this rosy stocking stuffer for yourself but for the “new nester” in your life: your niece, little sis or young coworker—basically, gals who have just graduated from the kids’ table.

How to Get Dinner on the Table Even If You Can’t Cook aims to please the Ritalin-riddled “me generation” of youngsters who want everything cheap and fast. Of course, deep down we think you’d be better off giving the budding hedonists in your life something, anything, by M.F. K Fischer or a subscription to Saveur, but the latter are neither sassy, nor pink, nor hip, nor fast and furious, as this little chick-lit volume is. (Actually it’d be much faster if it were organized and laid out better, but we won’t go into that.) What we will tell you is that author Rita Konig (a Vogue regular) is all about the perfect roast chicken, “how to be an easy guest” (don’t ask for herbal tea; arrive with something in hand), hand tossing salads, Campari cocktails in tall glasses, shepherd’s pie from leftovers, curry on Sundays and Stilton in winter. We agree that anyone could, and everybody should, try some simple arugula with shaved Parmesan, but we draw the line at Thai trickery (pick up take-out for the in-laws and dispose of the evidence). Maybe we’re just not that sassy. But we bet you know someone who is.

Reviewed by Sylvie Greil

(Published: 11/17/05)
(Updated: 11/11/08 SB)

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