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Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005

By Heather Averett
(Oxmoor House, November 2004)

Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005

Distracted by the incessant noise from fad diets (yes, shunning carbs is over), most people forget that it is possible to eat well, feel great and enjoy delicious food all at the same time. Unless you are restricted by a medical condition, weight loss goals and healthy eating do not require you to exile potatoes or beans or sugar or whatever your palate fancies.

That’s why we appreciate Cooking Light Magazine and its latest annual recipe compilation, Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005. Cooking Light, with more than nine million readers, focuses on recipes that tone down the fat, trim the sugar and deliver epicurean pleasure with a sensible, sustainable approach. Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005 is a compilation of every recipe from its 2004 magazines—in this case there are more than 1,000 reasons to celebrate the New Year.

This means if you are in the mood for dessert tonight, try the Chocolate Pudding Cake. It’s gooey, warm and full-bodied, and you count only 351 calories and 7 grams of fat for the real thing. Yes, there’s fat, and yes, there’s sugar, but if you’re looking for a full-on dessert, it’s a delicious yet reasonable choice. And it is about a decadent as a dessert can get. How do they do it? They cut the sugar, cut the butter and use 2% milk.

Cooking Light goes way beyond dessert, however, so there’s plenty more to keep you eating well throughout the year. Dishes like Pear, Pecorino & Prosciutto Panini, and Garlicky Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil concentrate on delivering the vivid flavors of individual ingredients instead of pumping up fat and calories with unnecessary additions.

In Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005 you’ll find plenty of colorful photographs, complete nutritional information, cooking tips and advice, and well-developed complete menus. This comprehensive collection delivers a satisfying range of reliable recipes for many cooking styles, from simple and familiar to adventurous and ethnic. It’s the right way to start the year.

Reviewed by Kevin Schoeler

(Updated: 11/06/08 SB)

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