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The American Boulangerie

by Pascal Rigo (Soma Books, September 2003)

The American Boulangerie

We have always questioned the validity of the biblical statement "man cannot live on bread alone. We certainly could. We know carbs have gotten an incredibly bad rep in the U.S., but European friends of ours just smile knowingly. Bread is a staple. Well, add to that foie gras or perhaps a tapenade or a triple crème cheese or simply butter. What a concept!

Pascal Rigo knows a thing or two about le pain quotidien. He's spent virtually his entire life baking, and he's the man who has changed the way San Franciscans think about their breads and pastries. He bought the oldest flour mill in San Francisco and makes his own organic flour. Every single one of his loafs are rumored to be hand-molded.

In The American Boulangerie Rigo, one of the best French bakers living in America, shares his recipes for authentic breads, pastries, and tarts. You'll find dark, rich and chewy breads, such as Pain au Levain or light and crisp ones, as in the pointed epi stick. There are wonderful breakfast pastries to go perfectly with café au lait, and tarts both savory, like Quiche Lorraine, and sweet, such as Tarte au Fromage de Chèvre et aux Figues; there are Poundcakes, Poires Pochées, and Pot de Crèmes. So go ahead, break off a piece.

Pascal Rigo's empire includes Chez Nous, Bay Bread on Pine Street, Boulange de Polk, Boulange de Cole, La Marinette, Le Table, Le Petit Robert and ULa Galette.

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The American Boulangerie

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